Stuart Benyamin

Recording Artist, Song-Writer & Actor


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Stuart Benyamin has been performing for both the local Assyrian community and the general public since early childhood.  At age four, he began singing with the Sunday-school choir at the Assyrian Church of the East.  At age six he recorded with his father, Benyamin Benyamin on his album, Dream.  In the years following, Stuart Benyamin continued to entertain, joining groups such as the Chicago All City Youth Chorus where he performed at a variety of venues including Allstate Arena and Chicago Orchestra Hall.  Performing with both Assyrian and non-Assyrian groups he came to appreciate varying types of music.  From patriotic anthems, to the timeless works of his late great uncle, Albert Ruel Tamras.

Stuart Benyamin also won various dramatic acting roles and did some commercial modeling.
In 2006, Stuart Benyamin appeared on FOX television’s American Idol singing “Dakhy Qam Shogadtly” by Ashur Bet Sargis.  Even though Stuart also sang in English, he didn't get a yellow ticket to Hollywood.  Through this appearance, he was able to captivate Assyrians around the world. They were very proud of him.

Later that year, Stuart Benyamin released his first solo album “a2ria.”  Stuart was the first to blend traditional Assyrian styles, with mainstream Pop and Hip-hop beats.

On November 17th, 2012, Stuart Benyamin was part of the opening act for the historic, “From A Distant World Concert,” of the Legendary Assyrian Singer, Ashur Bet Sargis at the AlexTheatre in Los Angeles, CA.  Stuart’s performance captivated the audience as they cheered and applauded him for his creativity, as he took Ashur Bet Sargis’ song “Len Bikhshawa” and made it is own.

In November 2013, Stuart Benyamin preformed for Linda George’s 30th Anniversary celebration, “Black & White Concert” at the AlexTheatre in Los Angeles, CA.  Stuart’s performance again left the audience breathless. Stuart was honored to perform the concert song “Kooma O’Khawara,” where Stuart remade one of Linda George’s biggest Assyrian Pop hit “Kooma O'Khawara.” This performance proved that Stuart Benyamin is helping to revolutionize Assyrian Art.

0n the heels of the Black & White concert, Stuart Benyamin returned to Los Angeles in late December 2013 for his first Assyrian Headlining event, where Stuart performed his newly released single, “SHOWTIME” (available now on iTunes, CdBaby, Amazon and Spotify).  With the release of “SHOWTIME,” Stuart Benyamin has decided to donate all the proceeds from “SHOWTIME,” to the Assyrian Children in the Middle East. Stuart Benyamin requested the audience to make sure to download SHOWTIME, to help the less fortunate Assyrian Children in the Middle East.

Currently, Stuart Benyamin is in the studio recording his much anticipated sophomore album, due out in 2017.

Stuart respects the Assyrian singers who have come before him.  He wants his generation, and those who come after him to never forget their culture, to always build on that culture, and create music that will make grandmothers proud, and granddaughters want to dance.  Stuart Benyamin believes we can be proud of our heritage, and at the same time, expand our horizons by embracing new ideas.